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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
July 10, 2005
Mired in Mediocrity
Mood:  incredulous
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The superhero movie "Fantastic Four" overcame some of the worst reviews of the year to top the North American box office with better-than-expected weekend ticket sales of $56 million, its distributor 20th Century Fox said on Sunday.

This is further proof to me that any medicore thing marketed properly in this country will be rewarded with success. Our current president is case in point. Boy, don't even get me started. I'm just going to keep my head in the sand until 2008 and hope that the right doesn't fuck me up the ass while I'm bent over.

I have a child who is a little over 4 months old, and I've become absolutely determined to put the parental control lock on all of the cartoon and children's channels. Just too much animated stimuli and the commericals are just making them into consumers WAAAAAYYYY to early. I'm so sick of kids coming into the library, eyes glazed, pissed because all of the Dora the Explorer, Power Puff Girls, Little Bill books are checked out, rather, stolen/missing.

Last night I watched a movie called Brother 2 Brother. It had a good premise, but something lacked that it didn't quite keep my attention. I think it was the main fact that a person who was in their 20s during the Harlem Renassiance wouldn't be a spry 70-something in 2004. Anywho...Brother to Brother tackled something that is rarely discussed in the African-American community. Sexuality and gender is as much of the civil rights canvas as race. Gays who are black have two battles, but the civil rights movement have forced them to keep their sexuality hidden.

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