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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
July 8, 2005
I Was An Ozalot Back Before It Was Cool and Maybe a Bit Creepy
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Topic: Celebrity News/Thoughts
I used to be an Ozalot. I even have a tee-shirt declaring as much. I also have an I love Oz pin. I saw the musical The Boy From Oz 7 times. I sing songs from the soundtrack to my baby as a lullaby. Hugh Jackman still shows up in my dreams promising me all sorts of unspeakable fulfillment. However, sometimes, it's best to let things go. You hold on to things for too long and you get into a sort of stasis holding program. But Hugh Jackman is delicious enough to destroy all senses of logic. (I hope his new flick The Fountain proves how talented he really is. Aside from his X-men movies and his musical work, his film choices are kind of *blech*. I still watch them anyway because, hey, it's Wolverine. That sexy muthefucker.)

(Ricky Martin also has a new song out which sounds surprisingly a lot like an Usher song. I was also in a Ricky Martin fan club from 1999-2001, roughly. I still do Living La Vida Loca on karaoke machines but I have to admit that his self-titled English language debut was kind of sucky. However, his second, Sound Loaded, was really good aside from She Bangs.)

Anywhoo...Ozalots strikes again...

Fans: Another Sort of 'Ozfest'

June 6 issue - "The Boy From Oz," a Broadway show starring Hugh Jackman, closed last fall. But the play's fans are scheming to keep it alive. This spring the devotees formed Ozalot Productions to get the play made into a movie. "Hugh Jackman could end up the biggest star in the world," says Ozalot prez Barbara Whittaker. His turn as songwriter Peter Allen, she says, "has to be committed to film."

Of course, the Ozalots have a few casting ideas. In an online debate that stretched for months, they settled on Mike Nichols as director, Anne Hathaway as Liza Minnelli and Eric McCormack as Jackman's lover.

Earlier this month a group of fans tracked down Jackman at a Broadway event in New York, introduced themselves and handed him a cast list. They hope that he'll produce the movie and then hire them as extras. Jackman, who's hosting the Tony Awards June 5, isn't ruling it out. "My fans are terrific," he tells NEWSWEEK. "We'll see."

—Ramin Setoodeh

? 2005 Newsweek, Inc.
? 2005


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