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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
July 6, 2005
War of the Worlds Scared the Shit out of Me and Drove Tom Cruise Crazy
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Topic: Movie Reviews
I've been severely mentally sidetracked by Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds. It was an excellent movie, clocking in at about 2 hours long. It's action packed, drama filled, and the tension is as taut as a guitar string. Let me stress this with the utmost seriousness, this movie is terrifying. Its the best and the scariet movie I've
seen in the 18 months. If you suffering from the teeniest, tiniest, eensy-bitsest (sp?) post traumatic stress from 9/11, don't see this movie. There are many scenes that are reminiscent of that day. Thankfully, Steven spared us from showing NYC being devastated (yet again) on film. That sh*t ain't cool to look at no more.

I sat through the majority of this movie with my mouth open, and my hands gripped my face. I even screamed a few times. I was not alone in the theatre
with this reaction. I think my husband put it best when he said: "if I was watching this movie at home, I would have straight up stopped it and put it back in the case." It jangled my nerves so much I was tempted to leave the theater in the middle, but was too afraid that I would have fallen down the steps from my own flashback of terror. There is one scene where American fighters streak loudly across the sky that reminded me of 9/12 when a fighter flew low and fast over my apartment, and I cowered under the table in fear.

Maybe your resolve is better than mine. If it is, see the movie. It is great. If it isn't, pretend like you did and call it a movie seen. As a matter of fact, see Batman Begins. That was good, dark, but not as frightful.


I'm truly waiting for Tom Cruise's head to explode on television. Is it me or has he truly lost it? I've never seen him so animated or clearly not giving a damn. I used to have a crush on him 20 years ago. My soft spot for him is quickly fading although I do like his recent string of movies. Give me a movie with Tom Cruise running like a madman and I'll give you a movie I might enjoy.

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