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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
January 8, 2012
A Freudian Slip
Now Playing: A Dangerous Method
Topic: Movie Reviews

After nearly six months of anticipation, I finally saw A Dangerous Mehod starring Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung; Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud; and Keira Knightley as Sabina. Sabina is a woman suffering from mania because of a repressing masochistic tendencies. She is delivered to Vienna to be cured by Dr. Jung and the new "talk therapy." Dr. Freud is Jung's confidant, friend, and the father of the psychotherapy movement in which Jung has great ambitions to succeed.


I thought the acting was good and the premise was interesting, but the movie fell a bit flat. The marketing oversold the relationship between Sabina and Jung for it wasn't even the most interesting parts of the movie. Their relationship felt shoehorned into the plot, and sex didn't feel as passionate as it could have been with all the build up to it in the movie.

The most fascinating bits, which I wish David Croneberg had elaborated on, were the conversations of about psychoanalytical theory between Freud and Jung and later on Jung and Otto. Freud and Jung had the most passionate relationship! They were like father and son, and then almost like lovers towards the end when they "broke up." Jung and Freud eventually had a difference on opinion when it came to psychotherapy, and Freud felt betrayed by Jung's distancing of Freud's idea that all psychosis was based in sexuality.

Finally, I wish they had focused a bit more on Freud's fear of the anti-semitic reaction to psychotherapy. He mentioned it twice it the movie, and had even hinted that the protestant Jung had a prurient interest in Jews.

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