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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
April 27, 2008
Leave the Girls Alone
Mood:  irritated
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Topic: Celebrity News/Thoughts

The problem with making world-wide super celebrities out of children is that there never is any room for them to make mistakes, and their parental guidance doesn’t come from a place of love place but from a place promoting the brand. It is the companies’, like Disney, fault when child-teen celebrities fall from grace in the eyes of their fans, because they were acting out like all children & teens who transitioning into adulthood do.

If media giants weren’t so busy trying to capture the dollar of every living being within their grasp, there wouldn’t be a market of children and tweens to cater to. There wouldn’t be an audience or consumer-market group to have their innocence or naiveté torn from them when their larger-than-life and age-equivalent hero/heroine makes a huge and public blunder. I’m thinking specifically of High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos; Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy; and most recently Miley Cyrus’ racy photos in Vanity Fair (shame on Vanity Fair for even proposing what-could-be-perceived as nude photos of a minor) and on her Myspace page.



I think back to some of my own high school follies and cringe. Imagine what it would be like if I were teen celebrity and it was revealed that I once drank beer at 8 a.m. or made out with my best friend’s boyfriend or that once I let my boyfriend fondle my breasts while another guy watched? I would be mortified and probably on my way to the unemployment line or surreptitiously freed from my multi-million contract. I’m embarrassed to reveal these things now and I’m 20-years removed from them. Just imagine how these teen stars must feel when everything they’ve been working hard for is put in jeopardy, because their youthful fallible deeds. I say leave these girls (and it’s always mostly celebrity teen girls who are publicly ridiculed, isn’t it?) alone, and stop forcing them to issue public apologies at every turn for making the irresponsible decisions that only teenagers can make. 


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