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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
February 9, 2008
McCain McShame
Mood:  irritated
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"It's now clear that John McCain will be the Republican nominee. I know the election is a long way off, but he's already running neck and neck with Clinton and Obama in national polls. That's' because when people think of McCain, they think of the media portrayal as a 'maverick'--they don't think of him as the man who helped George Bush launch the Iraq war.

I just read this memo from and it really shocked me. It shows that when it comes to the war in Iraq, John McCain has been the president's greatest ally from the get-go--and most striking is the fact that his plan for Iraq going forward is the same as Bush's: Stay indefinitely.

Can you take a moment to check out the memo at this link?

Thanks! "

Also, McCain is not a pro-choice Republican which many voters mistakenly think he is.

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