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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
December 1, 2007
What's for the Kids, Is Sometimes What is for the Mommy
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I am a born-again Christian, but I carry my beliefs and my Christianity very close to my chest. People who know me will probably find this odd, since I'm so much of an open book in the other areas of my life from my depression to my infertility. I mainly keep my religion and spiritiual beliefs mainly to myself as to not offend others and to not be challenged by the zeal of the "over religious." However,  when I do want to mention something of a spiritual nature, I feel like I'm being a fraud because I don't advertise my beliefs. With all that said, I am trying to pray more and develop a better relationship with God--whatever a better relationship means. In this journey, I've been reading a lot of books about positive thinking and spirituality and prayer.

I'm currently reading a daily affirmation book by the late pastor Norman Vincent Peale. It is called Have A Great Day. On the November 28th day, it featured a prayer that I found very relevant to my life as a mother who can sometimes be short and impatient. I'd like to share it with all my fellow parents and impatient people.

Here it is:

Prayer of a Distracted Parent: Dear Lord, I love my children, but they are driving me to distraction [nuts]. I have lost my self-control, and I need help. I realized, dear Lord, that I can never direct them in their young lives if I am disorganized. Help me not to be angry and to not shout at them. Give me a sense of humor. Help me to know that their restless [and rebellious] energy is a sign of vitality and part of their development. Don't let me be tired and upset, but rather enter joyfully inot my relationship with them. Thank you for my children, Lord, but don't let them get me down. Amen.

Dew and Jo-Jo, I say this prayer specificially on our behalfs.Innocent

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