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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
October 18, 2007
Fashionable Taping
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Topic: TV: The Soft Blue Glow
I went to a taping of a new show called Fashionably Late with Stacy London. It is a new weekly fashion late night show featuring the host of TLC's What Not To Wear. Except for it being a nearly 5-hour event , I had lots of fun at the taping. I was worried about being dressed stylishly enough because the e-mail from the audience coordinator said to dress in something that pops! I'm a mom of two children and I work with children, my clothes don't pop. I ended up wearing a black and white print dress, and the very gay set designer set that I looked very nice and that my dress went great with the set--bright red chairs and 2 zebra print couches.

I got to watch Stacy interview Carolina Herrera, who is one of my fashion/working mom heroes. She's stylish and poised and her designs are beautiful. She always wears a crisp white shirt, and always looks fresh and brand new. She also has four daughters and ten grandchildren. She worked while being a mom, and two of her daughters are in business with her. Unfortunately, she is as dull as dirt to hear talk. lol. We got great gift bags that included some Khiel's lip balm, some pretty costume jewelry rings, bra strap tamers that keep your bra straps from slipping down, special sponges that remove deordorant stains from your clothes, and a cook book from a tv chef named Rocco DiSpirito (sp?) who is really cute and flirty.

The idea of the show is that bunch of stylish women are just hanging out in a great bar, having fun, and talking fashion. There's even a bartender! We had really great drinks, but only one per person and they were in really small cups. It was more of a shot of a really great drink.  It was the taping for the premiere episode, which will air the first Friday in November. I'm excited. I got invited to come to another taping on Wednesday, but I couldn't get the time off from work.

Next post: The names of the products that were in the gift bag!

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