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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
April 9, 2007
Yes It's Been A Long Time
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Topic: TV: The Soft Blue Glow

First off, this is my first entry since giving birth to my youngest daughter nearly seven weeks ago. She's a cute, fat faced little peanut and her big sister, the Munchkin, loves her dearly. Well, almost too dearly. She's damn near made herself the second Mommy. On a beauty note, I will say that there is no amount of beauty products one can use to help them feel better after a C-section. Who knew something that would be so small in your arms to hold would cause so much pain coming out of a six inch incision? And any beauty product you use while taking care of a newborn and an energetic two-year-old better be a fast acting multitasker.

Speaking of mulitaskers, did you catch the pilot episode of TLC's Shut Up! It's Stacy London? on Friday, April 6th? The host of the new weekly fashion and style show is TLC's What Not to Wear co-host and fashion critic Stacy London. The show's title comes from London's trademark remark of surprise and glee, Shut up! 

Shut Up... will be a weekly night time talk show feautring shopping trips, interviews with beauty and fashion gurus, giveaways, and makeovers (of course!) airing on TLC beginning in the fall. (Why make us wait for so long?) Stacy's solo gig is terrific--like a fashion and beauty magazine come to life on television. My current goal in life is to be a studio audience member on that show. The gift bags she doled out were insane--make-up, jewels, bags...! Also, she gave certain audience members the jewels right off her body--a jeweled lucite bracelet and a broach. Okay, so they weren't personally hers, but damnit she was wearing them and giving them away.



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