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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
May 20, 2006
Seriously, My Doctor Told Me To Buy New Shoes
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Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews
I have unfortunate feet issues. In 1999, I was subjected to wearing sneakers through the entire summer while I received physical therapy for my fallen arches and torn heel muscles. (Sneakers were the only acceptable form of footwear that would accommodate my special-made orthotics.) By the summer of 2000, I was able to sport cute sandals as long as they had proper arch support.

Last summer, my arches fell after spending the winter running up and down the stacks of the library in my non-supportive faux Uggs (until this winter when I discovered my orthotics could fit in them). I went the route of Birkenstock sandals and nurses' clogs to support my re-fallen arches. Not terribly cute, but at least in the Birks I could still show off my pedicure and toe rings.

Then...I badly sprained my ankle. For six weeks, I had to wrap my foot in an ace bandage, walk with a cane and wear high top sneakers. Oh the fashion agony to wear the same pair of shoes everyday for six weeks. *sigh* (During the healing process, a case of soda fell on my foot forcing another two weeks in the damn ace bandage.)

As the weather started to warm this April, I was looking forward to sporting a whole new collection of nurses' clogs in multiple colors and maybe a new pair of girlie-looking Birkenstocks. Then the unbelievable happened. An industrial fan fell on my foot at work breaking my baby toe! Can you believe this crap? It's going to take like eight weeks to heal. For the past six weeks, I've been regulated to wearing an ugly orthopedic boot to keep my foot flat and my toes from flexing. But there's been a break in the clouds my dear fellow fashionistas! My podiatrist has told me that I can start wearing sandals. He said I can alternate between sandals and the open-toe orthopedic boot. Closed-toe shoes will squeeze my toe, cause more pain, and slow down the healing process. EUREKA! A doctor who recommends buying shoes for medical reasons.

Regular sandals with bands that went across the top of my foot rubbed my injured toe, so I decided to go with this summer's huge trend of Gladiator-style sandals. Essentially, they're flats with a thong styling and criss-crossing across the top of the foot. I bought two very cool pairs from Payless Shoes. One pair was a barely there jeweled silver sandal. They are very comfy, sexy, and a beautiful neutral to all of my cool-based color summer clothing. (I have a beautiful deep blue silk shift dress that these sandals would dress up wonderfully!)

The second pair I bought is a pair of sexily-strong and sturdy sandals with man-made leather straps criss-crossing in the front and a zipper up the back. They came in white, orange, bronze, and spring green. I opted for the orange because they looked more tan and was the perfect neutral for all of my ware-based color clothes. Here's a picture of a similar styled shoe from Target:

Now, what injury could I get next year that would make it medically necessary for me be the library's ultimate fashion icon? lol. Just kidding...I don't want to be injured anymore.

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Updated: May 20, 2006 2:04 PM EDT

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