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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
February 9, 2006
Yawn, Yawn, Hurrumph
Mood:  spacey
Now Playing: Fall 2006 Olympus Fashion Week
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews
The Metro Channel was a New York City cable station that featured the show Full Frontal Fashion. FFF would cover all of the fashion weeks around the world from New York to L.A. to Milan and all the Coture Shows in between. It was ESPN for the fashion junkie. Two fashion editors or stylists or gurus would watch hours of runway footage and comment on them. Other times, you could watch the runway footage without comment like you were actually in one of the tents. Even better, you would get quick backstage interviews with designers and celebrities. When the shows and fashions were fresh, it was a a television wonder to behold. I could lose hours and days glued to FFF. If you missed a show, bet your bottom dollar that you would be able to catch it again in 12 hours.

Suddenly, the New York Magazine operated Metro Channel ceased to exist during the early spring of 2005. I went into denial. Then the Spring 2006 NY Fashion Week started. I cried. There was no coverage anymore, but there was a small glimmer of hope. On the public broadcasting channel 25, Full Frontal Fashion would spend 3 hours a night covering the days events at Fashion Week. But only New York. But only for a week. If you missed it, you really missed it.

After seeing what I have of the fall 2006 collections on and Full Frontal Fashion's website, I'm almost glad to be missing all of the non-stop coverage. The clothes are absolutely dull, boring, and depressing. In a word, it was all BLAH. The runways were awash in colors of brown, taupe, grey, black, and black. At least Diane Von Furstenburg was able to sneak in some white, houndstooth, and red. Even my favorite designer's, Michael Kors, clothes were tragically blah and without panache. All perfect clothes to wear to mourn the 18-hours-a-day version of Full Frontal Fashion.

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