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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
February 7, 2010
Things I'm Digging This Month Feb. Edition
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I've severely been neglecting this blog, because of life--my kids, my hubby, my job, and my sanity! lol. However, I don't want to abandon it in total so I've decided to do a monthly post called "What I'm Digging This Month." I ripped off the idea from a blog I'm totally digging called "Manolo for the Big Girl." (The weekly feature is called What Plumcake Is....)

Make-up/Beauty Product: In December, I won a trio of eye colors from Orglamix. Orglamix is a cosmetic company whereas the creator, Cheri, makes all the products with 100 percent pure minerals. According to the product card I received in my prize package, Orglamix "has built up a cult following as mineral specialist...." I can attest this is true for I have read testimonies in some of the beauty blogs I follow. In my prize package, which was beautifully and lightly scented (talk about awesome presentation), were five eye shadows in subtly shimmery yet vibrant colors--Cherry Blossom; Pomegranate; Mandarin; Lilly Pilly; and my fav of the quintet, Geranium. Geranium is beautiful and rich violet pink mix. (I'm such a fan of purple-y eye shadows.) See my attempt of a pic below of the color on my eyelid with black Senna cream eyeshadow. With prices starting as low as $3.99, I'm definitely going to go back for me as I am a huge fan of bright shimmery shadows! Don't let the loose powder scare you off, it comes in a sifter and a gentle tap gives you enough color for both eyes.


Movie/TV Show: You know, I had been really made at James Cameron for a really long time since he came out with that bloated, too long, huge money maker called Titanic. He gave permission to movie makers and movies companies to start turning out huge, most times boring, and overly long movies that weren't very good but garnered tons of press and award coverage (i.e.: The Lord of the Rings trilogy; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). With all of the hoopla over his latest flick, Avatar, I was prepared more than over to dis Cameron and not see his movie on GP although he is the creator of one of my favorite sci-fi movie and flim series (The Terminator) of all time. James Cameron earned back my respect with Avatar, which is a visually beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, awe-inspiring science fiction movie. Although it was a little too long, I'm at a loss to say where it could have been edited and kept the story in tact. As an African-American woman, I didn't find anything offensive or racist about the movie although there was a mini controversy that it was. The plot was slightly cliched as it explored colonialism through history's and Hollywood's apologetic eyes, but it draw you in emotionally. As the world recovers from natural disaster after natural disaster and the affects of global warming, Avatar really is a beautiful and vibrant love letter to nature. See it on the big screen. I don't think it is Oscar-worthy but it is good.


Book: I was lucky enough to participate in an author giveaway on Facebook, and I received the audio and traditional version of the novel The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. The Sugar Queen is about 27-year-old Josey Cirrini, who is a near recluse who spends all of her time taking care of her aging mother out of guilt for being a bratty child. But, this all changes when tough talking and and hard living Delle Lee takes refugee in Josey's huge walk-in closet that is filled with forbidden-by-her-mom sweets and romance novels. One part realist and one part fairy godmother, Delle Lee motivates Josey to break out of her shell and grab the world throat--mainly the attention of the postal carrier for which she carries a torch.

Food: My final thing I'm digging this month was spawned by my rejoining Weight Watchers per doctor's orders. (For more on that, check out my Fat Chick blog Although a little expensive at nearly $1.80 a can, I've become a fan of Campell's Soup At Hand--a microwavable soup that comes in a portable hot cup. Of the varieties I've tried, even the New England Clam Chowder, they don't eat up more than 2 WW points. Add five Ritz Whole Wheat crackers (5 crackers equal 1 WW point) and you have nice light dinner or a very filling snack!

So, check out these things and let me know what you think. If you write Campbell and tell them how much you loved the product like I did, you might get some coupons. If you order from Orgalmix, please tell them that KikiShoes sent you!

See you next month! Kiss

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