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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
November 26, 2008
Slightly Dampened Spirits
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Now Playing: My Pre-Viewing Feelings of Australia
Topic: Movie Reviews

Today, the movie Australia was released in the United States to fair-to-middling reviews. I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for three months, and the reveiws are not going to dampen my desire but I do have some mixed feelings that have been exacerbated by the reviews.

I have not seen the movie Strictly Ballroom. I did see William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (WS R+J), and it is one my favorite movies. The unique cinematography and locations put a fresh spin on the star-crossed lovers' story. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Dane's chemistry was absolutely palpable.


Unfortunately it did take me several years and several attempts to view Moulin Rouge in its entirety. The movie was packed so tightly with strange little characters, colors, music, set design, and quick cuts that I simultaneously got a migraine and had a seizure every time I tried to watch it. Broken over several months, I did watch bits and pieces of the film until I was able to piece together the whole flick. I suppose it was good, but I'm not sure it was worth all the hoopla. I found Ewan McGregor dreamy and Nicole Kidman very pretty. (She has a type of a detachedness that makes her pretty but not necessarily sexy. Sexy is something you can touch, and Nicole comes across as a china doll you just want to admire from afar. Because of this, I couldn't really buy her as a courtesan.)


All the above mentioned movies were directed by Baz Lurhman, and he directed Australia. Because of my mixed-reactions to his previous projects, I'm not sure what to expect with Australia. Will I melt from sensory overload or will I leave the theater with my heart racing and feeling satisfied?

 The Pluses:

1. I've been looking for a sweeping romance book or movie like The English Patient for months .

2. I did like WS R+J a whole lot. 

3. I normally don't see (or not see) a movie based on the critics.

4. KissI LOVE HUGH JACKMAN (People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, thank you very much, about time People), and I love him when he's sexy, scruffy and wet which Australia promises to deliver several times over the course of 2+ hours.

5. I've been looking forward to seeing Hugh on the big screen for over two years now, since a complicated pregnancy forced me to miss The Prestige, The Fountain, and Scoop in the theatres.

The Minuses:

1. Moulin Rouge was too frenetic and long for me to enjoy.

2. I normally don't like movies longer than 2 hours especially when they're not stellar. (Munich, The Godfather, and The Color Purple were all over two hours long and super stellar.)

3. There have been no shining reviews, just a handful of "okays."

4. Nicole Kidman is one of the most overrated beauties and talents in Hollywood. Her botox'd features, pin straight blonde hair, and ultra slim body make it hard for me to relate to her female characters. I miss the curvy, firey curled, and expressive Kidman from her To Die For days.

5. I generally don't like movies billed as epics. Undecided

I hope to have a review of Australia for you by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Wish me luck and good time. I hope I'm not disappointed.

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Updated: November 30, 2008 10:33 PM EST

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