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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
June 2, 2010
Wanna Buy Some E.L.F. Make Up From Me
Now Playing: I Am An Affliate for E.L.F.

As you may have noticed, the United States' economy is in the toilet although experts say the recession is over. It may be over, but recovery is still far off. Yours truly is in a tough predicament. The city and state-funded non-profit organization for which I work (a public library) is getting hit hard. Funding from the city and state governments have been severely slashed, and it is causing them to go into crisis mode. In order to maintain some services, the library system for which I work is planning to close 16 locations (out of 60). It is also planning to reduce service hours of those remaining open. Finally, they're laying off employees. Where does this leave moi? Probably on the unemployment rolls. Last week, I received a conditional pink slip stating that I will get laid off if the city and state budgets get adopted as is. The library system will simply not have any money to pay most of of it's workforce.

After a week of woe is me, crying, and eating comfort food, I decided to do something. I decided to become a E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) cosmetics affliate. This means when you click through my site to buy make-up from E.L.F., I get a commission. It's a small income, but every little bit helps. And this is where you, my dear friends and followers, can help. You can purchase the super affordable E.L.F. (most items between $1 and $5) through my blog. You can recommend E.L.F. to your friends and colleagues, and click through to my blog.

To get you started, I'm going to give you a list of my current favorite E.L.F. Products:

Small Smudge BrushE.L.F. Small Eye Brush

VixenE.L.F. Hypershine Lip Gloss in Vixen
Mint CreamE.L.F. Nail Polish in Mint Cream

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May 27, 2010
Drowning in Creamy Mint
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Pastel Colored Nail Polishes
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews

About a month ago, I saw a beauty blot post about mint cream colored nail polish by Essie (Mint Candy Apple and Turquoise & Caicos) and E.L.F. cosmetics line of opaque pastel nail polishes. Since then, I've been absolutely obsessed and searching for versions of the color high and low. I spent my Mother's Day gift money on two of Sally Hansen's nail colors-- Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Mint Sprint and Complete Salon Manicure in Fairy Teal. The dark teal nail polishes went on smooth and quickly with Sally Hansen's new wider brushes. They also last very long. As beauitful as the colors were, I still looked for something lighter and mintier in color.


American Apparel's nail lacquer in L Espirit is a wonderful opaque and semi-matte lilac and Office is close to the mint cream I crave. Their entire summer collection would satisfy my current hunger, but my general dislike for American Apparel and rumors of faulty polish bottles prevented me from doling out my lunch money to buy them. Recently, I did take a gander at Revlon's and L'oreal's pastel lilac colors. When I tried Revlon's (Lilac Pastelle) in the store, it was too sheer. L'oreal's in Party Hop was very close but required way too many coats.

Finally, in an act of desperation and a bit of recklessness, I ordered the colors that I desired most from the E.L.F website. The best part: I had a $5 off coupon and all I had to do was pay for shipping. I'm trembling for excited. In the meantime, I'm a fighting the urge to spend the last $2 in my pocket on an inexpensive mint cream nail polish at a local beauty supply store on the way home from work. Oh, what's a girl to do. Innocent




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May 17, 2010
Putting A Good Face Forward
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews
When it comes to make-up and skin care, I am strictly a drugstore consumer. The department store and speciality store products that I own came to me as gifts, contest winnings or from the company to review. If you look at my makeshift vanity, you would think my tastes are high-end but they are not. I am proudly low end. When I do the Allure magazine's favorite products lists, my under $10 choices runneth over.
My favorite drug store brand has always been CoverGirl. (I upgraded in my mid-20s from Wet-n-Wild, lol.) Their products have always been consistent in quality and value for money. Although their foundations generally matched my skin tone and skin condition, their Queen Collection put it over the top for me. Their women of color line has my perfect liquid foundation match! And while I'm knee deep in this love fest, I must admit that I'm always intrigued by their innovations like their lipstain marker and their ShadowBlast smoky eye shadow pencil (click here for my review). As a Bzzagent, I was lucky enough to try their Simply Ageless line. (You might have seen the ads with funny lady Ellen DeGeneres.)
What makes the CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless different from other products of it's kind is that it's made "with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum" and "it stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles." In other words, it doesn't highlight pores, wrinkles and fine lines by sinking into them. It just glides very lightly over your skin providing smoother looking skin. In my nifty box, I received: Foundation in Toasted Almond; Blush in Lush Berry; Concealer in Medium; and Corrector. I couldn't wait to wear them. With the while swirl of the Olay serum, they looked like decadent desserts for my face.
I did not wear the corrector because my I simply don't have a need for it, but I did wear the others. The foundation glided on smoothly with the included sponge. It did not feel heavy, and it blended very quickly. I didn't look shiny although the formulation looked as though it would apply that way. The concealer also blended well, and I used my ring finger. The medium/dark was a little too light for my African-American skin, but it was quickly correctly with a little dusting of powder. My favorite was the blush. For the first time ever, I had finally found a blush that gave me a rosy color that didn't look like a costume. The make-up stayed on all day despite my office being warm and humid. I felt put together with a flawless face. That doesn't happen often. On a scale of 1 to ten, I give the Simply Ageless line a 8.5.

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May 6, 2010
Blasting the Shadow and Shine
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast and ShineBlast
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews
When I saw the advertisements for CoverGirl's new eyeshadow pen, Smoky ShadowBlast, I was excited because of the possibility of being able to recreate a smoky eye easily and in fun colors. Because I am a BzzAgent, I was able to participate in campaign to review the Smoky ShadowBlast pen. I chose the Citrus Flair combo, which is a bronze and limoncello colored-duo. Following the direction in my BzzKit and on the back of the ShadowBlast package, I began my smoky-eyed look.
I used Step 1, the bullet-shaped and limoncello colored side, to cover my eye from the brow bone to the lash line. The product was very creamy and required a light hand as to not break. On my eyes, it was slightly shimmery and a bit sheer, but another swipe gave it a more opaque look. I followed with Step 2, the  flat/pointed edge and bronze colored side. This portion of the eyeshadow was much more resilient, and I applied it along my lash lines and in the crease as instructed. Looking as though I just drew stripes on my eyelid, I blended lightly with ring finger. A great deal of product rubbed off on my finger, and I had to reapply. When I was done, the colors looked okay but I didn't have the sexy smoky eye I was hoping to get. Even worse, an hour later the shadow was creased and made my eyes look oily.


Hope springs eternal! The next day I prepped my eyes with an oil mattifying serum and translucent powder. Then, I reapplied the eyeshadow and I blended with a brush. Again, I didn't have a smoky eye but at least I didn't look greasy. Unfortunately, the eyeshadow ended up creasing just two hours later. CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast gets a big thumbs down from me.

Also, as a result of being a BzzAgent, I had to chance to try CoverGirl's ShineBlast lipgloss in Fire. ShineBlast contains  "light reflecting shimmer layered under a high-gloss finish...." Because my lips were darker than the color of the gloss, I had to use three layers in order to get a hint of color. Even with all the layers, the lip gloss didn't feel gloppy or too sticky. I did get a nice shine, and my lips felt sexier. Perhaps if I had chosen a richer color, it would have popped more.

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April 24, 2010
Making Sure The Babes Arrive Healthy
Now Playing: Babies: A Documentary

"BABIES and March of Dimes are proud to partner together to help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies! Visit or text BABIES to 20222 to make a $5 donation. Celebrate BABIES in theatres Mother's Day Weekend and join over 1 million people in March of Dimes annual "March for BABIES" Walk!"

As a working mom of a preschooler and a toddler, goodness knows I need a break every day. Which I don't get, lol, but every once in awhile, us moms have to make time for ourselves. Check it this little video for suggestions.



Disclaimer: I have entered the Babies Ambassador Contest. I am also a Bzzagent. My agent name is mrswhite072895. About the Ambassador Program: As a BABIES Ambassador, I am provided with exclusive content and insider information on the film, so I can be one of the first to share it with my readers, friends or any social community I manage. Plus, by using the “share” tools  provided on each content page, I will earn one point each time someone clicks on the BABIES content I featured. The more points I earn, the better my chances of winning prizes. Top Ambassadors will also get VIP access to events such as pre-release screenings and Director Q&A’s!

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April 1, 2010
Because Babies Are Cute When They're Not Yours
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: A Documentary: Babies

Premiering Mother's Day weekend is a heartwarming and family friendly documentary called Babies. The nearly dialogue-free documentary follows the progress of four infants from Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo and San Francisco from birth to their first steps. Paul Dergarabedian, of, has said that Babies has all the signs of a sleeper hit in the making and that the trailer was riveting.

Cuteness Alert! Ponijao (below, left), who lives in Namibia with her family, is one of four babies followed from birth to first steps in Thomas Balmès' BABIES, a Focus Features release. Photo credit: Focus Features

(Ed note: Namibia is where Angelina Jolie gave birth to her first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.)


Disclaimer: I have entered the Babies Ambassador Contest. I am also a Bzzagent. My agent name is mrswhite072895.

About the Ambassador Program:

As a BABIES Ambassador, I am provided with exclusive content and insider information on the film, so I can be one of the first to share it with my readers, friends or any social community I manage.

Plus, by using the “share” tools  provided on each content page, I will earn one point each time someone clicks on the BABIES content I featured. The more points I earn, the better my chances of winning prizes. Top Ambassadors will also get VIP access to events such as pre-release screenings and Director Q&A’s!


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March 24, 2010
What I Am Feeling This March
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: What I Am Feeling This Month

With the remake of The Clash of the Titans (opening on April 2), one of my childhood favorite movies, I’m knee deep in Greek mythology. I’m thoroughly enjoying Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heros by Edith Hamilton. I’m wishing I could find my A-paper from college comparing Dinoysis’ followers’ cannibalistic sacrifices with Catholicism’s communion ceremony. (Don’t ask. I was a bit of a freak in college.)



For the last two or three years, I’ve whipped myself into a virtual survey & review frenzy. Through these various programs, I earn points, cash, products, and gift cards. These things come in hand for the cheapskate in me, but it is starting to wear me out. I’m involved in so many that I don’t know how to prioritize. The one I’m feeling the most this month, however, is I-Say because they pay cash once you reach a certain point.  Below is a list of some of the programs I belong to that you should try.


Ipsos I-Say:

Daily Makeover Surveys:

InStyle Magazine Trendsetters:

Allure magazine:

Glamour magazine:

My Points:




I am also big on entering contests. If I didn’t win anything, I’d probably stop. My favorite blog right now is “Free! Grechen,” which lists beauty and fashion giveaways from around the net (and sometimes from around the world).


Polyvore is a fashion lover's virtual idea board. You can make up an array of outfits complete with accessories, background pictures, text, and music. It is definitely a grown-up fashionista's best friend. I can spend hours on this site, which has resulted in many a sleepless night.


What I'm Listening To: Body & Soul Compilation, Vol. 1

What I'm Reading: The Next Big Thing by Johanna Edwards

What I'm Watching: Gossip Girls

What I'm Wearing: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer (good for dry skin, leaves me a bit oily)

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March 19, 2010
Another Hot Giveaway
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Nail Addicts Anonymous
Topic: Contests

To celebrate reaching 64 followers, Nail Addicts Anonymous is hosting an awesome nail polish giveaway.


(From Left to Right)
Mink Muffs, Shindig, Porcini, Van D'Go
Snowcone, Mint Mojito
Chapel of Love, Jade Is The New Black
China Glaze
Bahamian Escape, Shower Together, Tree Hugger
Awakening, Lemon Fizz, Bermuda Breakaway, Good Witch


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Mood:  rushed

As longer days and warmer weather brings us closesr to renewal of Spring, lets not forgot that our brothers and sisters in Chile and Haiti are still suffering from the devastating affects of their recent earthquakes. As you get you get ready to buy that latest video game or nail polish or see that summer blockbuster, please donate a few dollars to the cause. Every little bit helps.Thank you. --Kiki


How to Help Haiti
 The following organizations are accepting SMS donations in the US only:
  • SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts
  • SMS text “YELE” to 501501 to Donate $5 to Yele Haiti's Earthquake Relief efforts
  • SMS text "GIVE10" to 20222 to donate $10 to Direct Relief

Ladies, the next time you hit your local Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid or local drug store for your hygiene and intimacy products, put an extra box in the cart for the  women of Haiti.

Haitian women, young girls and youth are in need of:

  • Feminine supplies.
  • The Morning After Pill
  • Combs.
  • Feminine wipes.
  • Panties, bras and clothes and other support (especially for pregnant women and new mothers).
  • Personal/household supplies for birth delivery and after: (rubbing alcohol or disposable anti-germicidal substitutes; baby wipes, baby wraps, pampers, socks and caps and supplies for nursing. mothers/newborn; (It is cold at nights so there is need to cover the feet and heads of the newborns).
  • Clothing and under garments for women and young girls.
  • Bedding & blankets for babies and mothers.
You can send these products or financial assistance to:
Donations can be sent directly to:
Sergia Galvan and Mayra Tavarez
Colectiva Mujeres Y Salud/CAFRA
Calle Socomo Sanchez
No 74, Gazcu, Santo Domingo DR 

How You Can Help Chile
Habitat for Humanity -- Habitat for Humanity has a continual presence in Chile, where they've helped construct over 1,300 homes. They will be essential in reconstruction efforts, especially in hard-hit rural areas. Donate to Habitat For Humanity or text CHILE to 25383 to donate $10.
United Way -- Through its affiliate in Chile, Corporacion Sociedad Activa, United Way is planning strategies to provide long-term relief to the region. Donate to the United Way or text CHILE to 864833 to give $10.
Operation USA -- Operation USA is sending emergency relief to Chile following the earthquake. Text REBUILD to 50555 to donate $10 to Operation USA's Chile disaster relief efforts or donate online at

Text Your Support for Chile: Text a donation to Chile through one of several organizations via the Mobile Giving Foundation.

  • Text CHILE to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross

  • Text CHILE to 23583 to donate $10 to Habitat for Humanity

  • Text CHILE to 20222 to donate $10 to World Vision

  • Text CHILE to 50555 to donate $10 to the Friends of World Food Program

  • Text CHILE to 52000 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army

  • Text REBUILD to 50555 to donate $10 to Operation USA

  • Text 4CHILE to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope

  • Text CHILE to 864833 to give $10 to the United Way

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February 26, 2010
Get Your Hands On the Most Wanted....
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: You Got Nail February Giveaway
Topic: Contests

YGN is giving away a bottle of nail polish from the hot new brand Illamasqua. The product? An unopened bottle of Illamasqua's Obsess. Along with that, she is adding a trio of 3 cutely packaged nail polishes from Korea--The Face Shop. The giveaway is open to international readers, so head on over and try your luck! 


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February 13, 2010
Congratulations to Ms. P
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Miss P's Guide to All Things Beautiful 200+ Followers Contest
Topic: Contests

After reaching 200+ followers, Ms. P. is showing her love and appreciation witih a giveaway!  She wants to let all her followers know that the love, motivation, support, feedback and friendship she has received in the past 3 months has a lot to her. 

 Here's the prizes:

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Glitz & Glam Travel Brush Set with Case (1 blusher brush, 1 eyeshadow brush, 1 angled eye shadow brush, 1 crease brush and 1 black zippered case)

Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes in "Flirty"

NARS Duo Lip Gloss in Boogie Nights/Giza

MAC Eye Shadow in "Straw Harvest" from the 2010 MAC Spring Colour 2 Forecast Collection ("Straw Harvest" is a gorgeous shade of warm peachy gold in a pearl finish)

Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow in Ivy Icon

Enter here and good luck.

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February 7, 2010
Things I'm Digging This Month Feb. Edition
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Avatar
Topic: Movie Reviews

I've severely been neglecting this blog, because of life--my kids, my hubby, my job, and my sanity! lol. However, I don't want to abandon it in total so I've decided to do a monthly post called "What I'm Digging This Month." I ripped off the idea from a blog I'm totally digging called "Manolo for the Big Girl." (The weekly feature is called What Plumcake Is....)

Make-up/Beauty Product: In December, I won a trio of eye colors from Orglamix. Orglamix is a cosmetic company whereas the creator, Cheri, makes all the products with 100 percent pure minerals. According to the product card I received in my prize package, Orglamix "has built up a cult following as mineral specialist...." I can attest this is true for I have read testimonies in some of the beauty blogs I follow. In my prize package, which was beautifully and lightly scented (talk about awesome presentation), were five eye shadows in subtly shimmery yet vibrant colors--Cherry Blossom; Pomegranate; Mandarin; Lilly Pilly; and my fav of the quintet, Geranium. Geranium is beautiful and rich violet pink mix. (I'm such a fan of purple-y eye shadows.) See my attempt of a pic below of the color on my eyelid with black Senna cream eyeshadow. With prices starting as low as $3.99, I'm definitely going to go back for me as I am a huge fan of bright shimmery shadows! Don't let the loose powder scare you off, it comes in a sifter and a gentle tap gives you enough color for both eyes.


Movie/TV Show: You know, I had been really made at James Cameron for a really long time since he came out with that bloated, too long, huge money maker called Titanic. He gave permission to movie makers and movies companies to start turning out huge, most times boring, and overly long movies that weren't very good but garnered tons of press and award coverage (i.e.: The Lord of the Rings trilogy; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). With all of the hoopla over his latest flick, Avatar, I was prepared more than over to dis Cameron and not see his movie on GP although he is the creator of one of my favorite sci-fi movie and flim series (The Terminator) of all time. James Cameron earned back my respect with Avatar, which is a visually beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, awe-inspiring science fiction movie. Although it was a little too long, I'm at a loss to say where it could have been edited and kept the story in tact. As an African-American woman, I didn't find anything offensive or racist about the movie although there was a mini controversy that it was. The plot was slightly cliched as it explored colonialism through history's and Hollywood's apologetic eyes, but it draw you in emotionally. As the world recovers from natural disaster after natural disaster and the affects of global warming, Avatar really is a beautiful and vibrant love letter to nature. See it on the big screen. I don't think it is Oscar-worthy but it is good.


Book: I was lucky enough to participate in an author giveaway on Facebook, and I received the audio and traditional version of the novel The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. The Sugar Queen is about 27-year-old Josey Cirrini, who is a near recluse who spends all of her time taking care of her aging mother out of guilt for being a bratty child. But, this all changes when tough talking and and hard living Delle Lee takes refugee in Josey's huge walk-in closet that is filled with forbidden-by-her-mom sweets and romance novels. One part realist and one part fairy godmother, Delle Lee motivates Josey to break out of her shell and grab the world throat--mainly the attention of the postal carrier for which she carries a torch.

Food: My final thing I'm digging this month was spawned by my rejoining Weight Watchers per doctor's orders. (For more on that, check out my Fat Chick blog Although a little expensive at nearly $1.80 a can, I've become a fan of Campell's Soup At Hand--a microwavable soup that comes in a portable hot cup. Of the varieties I've tried, even the New England Clam Chowder, they don't eat up more than 2 WW points. Add five Ritz Whole Wheat crackers (5 crackers equal 1 WW point) and you have nice light dinner or a very filling snack!

So, check out these things and let me know what you think. If you write Campbell and tell them how much you loved the product like I did, you might get some coupons. If you order from Orgalmix, please tell them that KikiShoes sent you!

See you next month! Kiss

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December 21, 2009
Wrapping Up 2009: The Year that Was
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: 2009: The Year That Was


As we are about to finish off the penultimate year of the first decade of the new millennium (wrap your mind around that sentence, lol), I thought it only appropiate that I throw in my two cents about some of the biggest pop culture stories of 2009. What did I miss? What would you add? Let moi know. ~~Kiki 


1. The Death That Stopped the World: Michael Jackson’s death stunned the world and froze the internet. The world forgot about the freak show that the paparazzi and the tabloids created, and remembered Michael as the consummate performer he was. He gave us nearly four decades of music, and touched people from many generations, races, and creeds. He was the greatest entertainer of our lifetime, and you can see his influences in every boy band member and solo male artist who dared to combine song and dance on stage.


2. Chris Brown v. Rihanna: R&B singer Chris Brown beats the shit out of Rihanna. They get back together, and then they break up. Chris Brown gets parole and community service, and does a half-hearted apology tour. Rihanna waits for 9-months, and answers all questions on 20/20—the fear still real in eyes as she describes the night’s events. Surprising reaction? Young women polled in several surveys across the country side with Chris Brown by saying that Rihanna provoked the beating.


 3. The Academy Awards Take A Chance: A charming and charismatic Hugh Jackman helps shake up the awards ceremony with tongue-in-cheek dance routines. Previous Oscar winners present the names of the nominees. Even with the changes, the show still drags pass the 3 hour point. On the positive side, Heath Ledger receives a posthumous Oscar for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight Returns, and Slumdog Millionaire brings color and life the show as they take home the best picture statuette.



4. The Good Song About Being Bad: The surprising song of the year was Blame It by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain, which encouraged women to act out their hidden desires and then to "Blame It" on the alcohol. It was a catchy, danceable, and made everyone want to go to the club and throw back a shot. Not to mention, having Ron Howard in the video popping bottles of champagne with video girls was priceless.


5. Celebrity Deaths Took Their Tolls on Us: They made us laugh, cry, swoon, dance, sing, chuckle or think. They made us reach for a dictionary, a guitar, a camera, microphone, a paintbrush or a book. This year gave the world some of the most shocking celebrity/notable deaths. Some were expected, and some were unexpected. Here, in no particular order, are some of those who passed away in 2009: Farrah Fawcett, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, John Hughes, Ed McMahon, Brittany Murphy, Walter Cronkite, Patrick McGoohan, Ricardo Montalban, Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, David Carradine, Natasha Richardson, Stephen Gately, Andrew Wyeth, William Safire, Mary Travers, Robert Novak, Les Paul, Frank McCourt, Karl Malden, Soupy Sales, Chris Henry, Steve McNair, Eunice Shriver, John Hope Franklin, Claude Levi-Strauss, and Chuck Daly.


6. Kanye, He So Crazy: *Sigh* What can we say about Kanye West? Kanye, drunk and probably a little nutso, interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech on the MTV Video Music Awards. There were a whole lot of racial undertones in the criticism he received, but I won’t delve into it. Let’s just say to Kanye: “Everyone has seen you, Mr. West. Now, it’s time for you to just sit your ass down.”


7. Black, African or White, He’s Our President: President Barak Obama becomes the United States’ first African-American president, and immediately the world starts to think of us favorably again. He delivers an economic stimulus plan within his first few months, and is currently trying to get a health reform bill pushed through the end of 2009. Love him or hate him, he’s trying to get things done. His lovely wife, Michelle Obama, is hailed for her egalitarian high-low fashion tastes; her intellect; and bringing new duties to the title of First Lady.


8. Pulling the Wool off Women’s Eyes: Comedian and radio personality Steve Harvey becomes the latest relationship guru with his runaway hit  book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Harvey starts to appear on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, and the View to give women love life advice. He's also earned a relationship advice column in Essence magazine.





9. Can I Have A Sidepiece with This Wife: South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, David Letterman, and Eldrick "Tiger" Woods admit to unsavory sexual affairs. Mark Sanford ran off to Argentina with his lady love, while everyone thought he was in the Appalachian mountains. (His wife filed for divorce, but he avoided impeachment and is still governor.) Letterman admitted to his wrong doings on the air to foil a blackmail plot. Finally, there’s Tiger, who just has lovers falling out of the tree. Reportedly, right now, the number stands at 13.


10. The Year of the Comebacks: Whitney Houston, Maxwell, Eminem, Michael Vick, Mickey Rourke, and brown bag lunches.

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December 14, 2009
Happy New Year Giveaway
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Contests

Sparklemidori's Beauty Blog is having a great giveaway that ends on January 15, 2010 and is open to International readers!

Head on over for a chance to win the following:

CLUBBIN' LOVIN' Fever Gloss - VIP Pink
Watsons Collagen Hydrating Mask
Lifecella Orange Pre-Formed Gel Mask
Lifecella CoQ10 Eye Mask 
Lifecella Ceramide & Trehalose Essence Eye Mask
Bio-essence Bio Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Mask
Youthful Wonder Spots Eliminating Mask 
BSC Decolor Crystal Collagen Mask
Sewame Spots Removing Essence
KOSE Softymo Nose Peel
Etude House Moistfull Cream Travel Kit
Suisse Programme Cellular Whitening Night Renovator (deluxe sample)
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream (sample)
Etude House Natural Powder Essence Foam (sample)
Etude House Speedy Total Mineral Base (sample)
Etude House Maiv Crystal Pack Peeling (sample)
Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base (sample)
Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence (sample)
ISQUEEN Brightening Essence (sample)




Sparklemidori's Beauty Blog: Happy New Year Giveaway

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December 10, 2009
Gift Suggestions
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Now Playing: My Favorite Amazon Products

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