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Kiki Overthinks Every Thing
December 21, 2009
Wrapping Up 2009: The Year that Was
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As we are about to finish off the penultimate year of the first decade of the new millennium (wrap your mind around that sentence, lol), I thought it only appropiate that I throw in my two cents about some of the biggest pop culture stories of 2009. What did I miss? What would you add? Let moi know. ~~Kiki 


1. The Death That Stopped the World: Michael Jackson’s death stunned the world and froze the internet. The world forgot about the freak show that the paparazzi and the tabloids created, and remembered Michael as the consummate performer he was. He gave us nearly four decades of music, and touched people from many generations, races, and creeds. He was the greatest entertainer of our lifetime, and you can see his influences in every boy band member and solo male artist who dared to combine song and dance on stage.


2. Chris Brown v. Rihanna: R&B singer Chris Brown beats the shit out of Rihanna. They get back together, and then they break up. Chris Brown gets parole and community service, and does a half-hearted apology tour. Rihanna waits for 9-months, and answers all questions on 20/20—the fear still real in eyes as she describes the night’s events. Surprising reaction? Young women polled in several surveys across the country side with Chris Brown by saying that Rihanna provoked the beating.


 3. The Academy Awards Take A Chance: A charming and charismatic Hugh Jackman helps shake up the awards ceremony with tongue-in-cheek dance routines. Previous Oscar winners present the names of the nominees. Even with the changes, the show still drags pass the 3 hour point. On the positive side, Heath Ledger receives a posthumous Oscar for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight Returns, and Slumdog Millionaire brings color and life the show as they take home the best picture statuette.



4. The Good Song About Being Bad: The surprising song of the year was Blame It by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain, which encouraged women to act out their hidden desires and then to "Blame It" on the alcohol. It was a catchy, danceable, and made everyone want to go to the club and throw back a shot. Not to mention, having Ron Howard in the video popping bottles of champagne with video girls was priceless.


5. Celebrity Deaths Took Their Tolls on Us: They made us laugh, cry, swoon, dance, sing, chuckle or think. They made us reach for a dictionary, a guitar, a camera, microphone, a paintbrush or a book. This year gave the world some of the most shocking celebrity/notable deaths. Some were expected, and some were unexpected. Here, in no particular order, are some of those who passed away in 2009: Farrah Fawcett, Edward “Ted” Kennedy, John Hughes, Ed McMahon, Brittany Murphy, Walter Cronkite, Patrick McGoohan, Ricardo Montalban, Patrick Swayze, Bea Arthur, David Carradine, Natasha Richardson, Stephen Gately, Andrew Wyeth, William Safire, Mary Travers, Robert Novak, Les Paul, Frank McCourt, Karl Malden, Soupy Sales, Chris Henry, Steve McNair, Eunice Shriver, John Hope Franklin, Claude Levi-Strauss, and Chuck Daly.


6. Kanye, He So Crazy: *Sigh* What can we say about Kanye West? Kanye, drunk and probably a little nutso, interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech on the MTV Video Music Awards. There were a whole lot of racial undertones in the criticism he received, but I won’t delve into it. Let’s just say to Kanye: “Everyone has seen you, Mr. West. Now, it’s time for you to just sit your ass down.”


7. Black, African or White, He’s Our President: President Barak Obama becomes the United States’ first African-American president, and immediately the world starts to think of us favorably again. He delivers an economic stimulus plan within his first few months, and is currently trying to get a health reform bill pushed through the end of 2009. Love him or hate him, he’s trying to get things done. His lovely wife, Michelle Obama, is hailed for her egalitarian high-low fashion tastes; her intellect; and bringing new duties to the title of First Lady.


8. Pulling the Wool off Women’s Eyes: Comedian and radio personality Steve Harvey becomes the latest relationship guru with his runaway hit  book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Harvey starts to appear on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, and the View to give women love life advice. He's also earned a relationship advice column in Essence magazine.





9. Can I Have A Sidepiece with This Wife: South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, David Letterman, and Eldrick "Tiger" Woods admit to unsavory sexual affairs. Mark Sanford ran off to Argentina with his lady love, while everyone thought he was in the Appalachian mountains. (His wife filed for divorce, but he avoided impeachment and is still governor.) Letterman admitted to his wrong doings on the air to foil a blackmail plot. Finally, there’s Tiger, who just has lovers falling out of the tree. Reportedly, right now, the number stands at 13.


10. The Year of the Comebacks: Whitney Houston, Maxwell, Eminem, Michael Vick, Mickey Rourke, and brown bag lunches.

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December 14, 2009
Happy New Year Giveaway
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Topic: Contests

Sparklemidori's Beauty Blog is having a great giveaway that ends on January 15, 2010 and is open to International readers!

Head on over for a chance to win the following:

CLUBBIN' LOVIN' Fever Gloss - VIP Pink
Watsons Collagen Hydrating Mask
Lifecella Orange Pre-Formed Gel Mask
Lifecella CoQ10 Eye Mask 
Lifecella Ceramide & Trehalose Essence Eye Mask
Bio-essence Bio Energy Eye Bag Vanishing Mask
Youthful Wonder Spots Eliminating Mask 
BSC Decolor Crystal Collagen Mask
Sewame Spots Removing Essence
KOSE Softymo Nose Peel
Etude House Moistfull Cream Travel Kit
Suisse Programme Cellular Whitening Night Renovator (deluxe sample)
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream (sample)
Etude House Natural Powder Essence Foam (sample)
Etude House Speedy Total Mineral Base (sample)
Etude House Maiv Crystal Pack Peeling (sample)
Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base (sample)
Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence (sample)
ISQUEEN Brightening Essence (sample)




Sparklemidori's Beauty Blog: Happy New Year Giveaway

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December 10, 2009
Gift Suggestions
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Now Playing: My Favorite Amazon Products

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December 9, 2009
Cute Animals Ask Your Tough Questions
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Now Playing: Why Is Daddy in a Dress?
Topic: Book Reviews


Why Is Daddy in a Dress?

Asking Awkward Questions with Baby Animals

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December 7, 2009
The Virgin & Shirtless Supernatural Boys
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Now Playing: The Twilight Saga:New Moon
Topic: Movie Reviews


I am a movie enthusiast. Simply, I love movies. I love the experience of watching a new or an old beloved movie whether it be on television, a DVD, or at the theater. Don’t mistake my self-proclamation of being an enthusiast as my being a movie snob. I enjoy all levels of movie. I love great movies made with care and passion—those are my favorites that I can watch over and over again. I loathe movies that are badly written; badly edited; badly acted; badly executed; sloppy; and just made with little or not thought.


Then there are those fair-to-middling movies which get slapped with descriptors such as “guilty pleasures” or “just okay.” Those movies are usually made with some care, maybe a bit of passion, and delivers what the audience wants. These flicks don’t win Oscars. They piss off most of the higher browed critics and viewers. They cause some film elitists and sociologists to write off the current generation, and decry how stupid culture consumers have gotten. They keep B-list actors employed ad infinitumLol. And, you know what? I like some of them. They’re comfort food for my brain. Sure, I can appreciate Liam Neeson playing Oskar Schindler, the businessman who saved many Jews during the Holocaust. But I also loved him as the vengeful father in the shoot ‘em up Taken. This is where The Twilight Saga: New Moon falls.


I enjoyed New Moon probably more than I should have.  I had refused to read the novels, because I knew there were better young adult novels out there worth my time. Once I started reading reviews and analysis of it, I definitely knew I wasn’t going to like it. I was too much of a teenage feminist to like protagonist Bella Swan—klutzy, clueless, and always in need of some male to save her. And perhaps I was too much of a traditionalist, because I like my vampires to die in the sunlight! I was overtaken by curiosity, and my lips hovered over the glass of Twilight Kool-Aid. Pleasing many of teen Twi-fans, I hosted a DVD viewing of the first movie at my library. I prepared to watch it with a sardonic smirk on my face, but, at the end, I found myself a wee bit smitten.


My husband likes to joke that I’m secretly a thirteen old girl, because of my like of tweeny Nintendo DS games and the desire to get a cell phone charm. Well, he can also add because of my like of the movies Twilight and New Moon. The palatable virgin teen sexual tension took me back to my awkward adolescence and young adulthood, where I longed to be desired by two hot dudes. Admittedly, I am (and would have been as a teen) on Team Jacob—the hunky werewolf. Edward Cullen’s lanky bod and paleness leave me a bit cold. (No pun intended.) New Moon was filled with killing, hunting, mysteries, and ancient lore. The forbidden romantic triangle put it over the top as prime guilty pleasure fodder.


In the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s series, Bella (human girl) is dumped by her vampire boyfriend Edward so she is no longer in harm's way. Except, this causes her to spiral into an angst-ridden depression where she can only see Edward when she is danger (which is often). Now a bon a fide adrenaline junkie, she starts to refurbish a pair of motorbikes with her long time friend Jacob. Jacob is a Native American teen hiding some supernatural issues of his own. Blah, blah, blah…shirtless buff boy-men standing in rain…long passionate kisses…werewolves and vampires face off. Bella chooses to be with Edward who promises to turn her into a vampire when she’s 21, and Jacob threatens Edward. But danger still lurks in the air as dangerous red-headed vamp named Victoria wants to kill Bella. It all sounds corny, right? But I was all in and I can’t wait for the sequel. (Three-quel?) Plus, Dakota Fanning's small role was awesome and there was promise of more of her deadly vampire in Eclipse


Yes, it dragged in some parts. Yes, some of the dialogue was a bit schmaltzy. But, there was some subtle jokes and sarcasm that only a wizened adult could spot and laugh at. If you know that this movie was made for soft-hearted teens rooting for their generation’s star-crossed lovers, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the fluff today, go see the Oscar-bait tomorrow. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give New Moon 2.75 stars.


 If you want to check out a grown folks’ fantasy/adventure/love story, peep the 1981 King Arthur tale Excalibur. It stars a younger Liam Neeson, Helen Mirren, and Patrick Stewart.

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November 24, 2009
Mama Needs A New Bag
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Now Playing: Coach Bag Giveaway at The Fashionable Housewife and Fashionable Gal
Topic: Contests
The Fashionable Housewife and the Fashionable Gal is having a great bag giveaway. The Fashionable Housewife has teamed up with CoachThe Fashionable Housewife is one of Coach’s 30 favorite bloggers and have partnered with them for their Holiday Blog-a-Day promotion this year!  The Fashionable Housewife and the Fashionable Gal will be showing us a few pieces from the Coach Holiday collection and then give one lucky reader the chance to win the Amethyst Texture Metallic Audrey Shoulderbag from the Fashionable Housewife (see below). One lucky reader as the chance to win the Poppy Sequins Mini Flap bag (see below amethyst bag and separator) from The Fashionable Gal.


Enter to win now!

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November 13, 2009
Swinging through the Web 2.0 Jungle
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Now Playing: Glam TV
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews

Lately, one of my fav things has been tinkering around with all of the web 2.0 components out there from Twittering to Youtube, which is probably why I haven't been blogging here much myself. There is just too much stuff out there to look at instead of creating my own. Tongue out

While reading one of my favorite blogs, The Fashionable Gal, I came across a tutorial from on how to wear high-heeled shoes. Since becoming a mom and a children's librarian, most of my shoes have been of the flat and/or comfortable variety. However, there might be a time when I'll feel brave enough to wear a heel again and this video will certainly help. (And speaking of heels, check out some of the shoes I've been covetting in my next post.)



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Updated: November 13, 2009 9:03 PM EST
November 5, 2009
BrooklynShoeBabe's Wish List
BrooklynShoeBabe's Wish List

Here are some sweet products I discovered at ThisNext. Check them out!

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October 17, 2009
Mama Needs A New Pair of Shoes
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Now Playing: My Organized Choas: Must Have Shoes Review and Contest
Topic: Contests

MyOrganizedChoas is having an awesome contest, where you could win a pair of shoes from the online shoe store According to this busy mom of twins plus a single, has "designed their online shopping to match asking your salesperson which [shoe] would would suit your own size or want in design." Hey, who doesn't want that kind of customized help on the internet? So hustle your little self over to MyOrganizedChoas and enter!




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October 8, 2009
More Contests!
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Now Playing: Konad Halloween Treat Contest at Painted Lady Fingers
Topic: Contests

There's nothing I love more than entering contests except for winning contests. lol. In order to increase my chances of winning a Konad set from Painted Lady Fingers' blog, I'm going to hip you to the contest as well.

Check it out:

OC Nail Art and Painted Lady Finger have partnered to give us the chance to win an assortment of Konad items perfect for Halloween festivities: Konad Sponge Nail Art Kit 2, Image Plate M13, and Princess Polish in gold black. (See pic):

Why don't you jump on over and enter! Good luck to you and (mostly) to me. Laughing


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Contests, Contests, Contests
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Now Playing: Win Some MAC Makeup from Shades of U
Topic: Contests

Shades Of U is presenting a MAC Giveaway for The Shades Of U followers and subscribers!! This contest is open to everyone eighteen (18) years old and older worldwide. Below are pictures of the prizes in store for the winner (all items are brand-new, untested MAC products):



The names of the products that you can win are:

1. Blackware glimmerglass
2. Blackfire glimmerglass
3. Blingblack glimmerglass
4. Black Knight cremesheen lipstick
5. Blue Flame mineralize eyeshadow
6. Cinderfella mineralize eyeshadow
7. Wisteria eyeshadow trio (Dame Edna collection)
8. Kirsch mattene lipstick


Good luck to you and (mostly) me!



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September 16, 2009
Stream of Consciousness
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Now Playing: The Meeting by Me

I used to want to be a writer. I used to want to be a muckraker--an investigative journalist. I used to write. I used to be a fact checker; close to seeking the out the truth for the greater good. All of it never gelled for me. I'm not sad nor depressed about it. The desire to be writer just extinguished like a flame being deprieved air. Old friends and classmates ask me now if I'm still writing for it was that strong of a passion when I was 14, 15, 16, 20, 21. Things change. I'm embarrased to admit that I'm not into writing anymore, not like before. Every now and then, I write a little missive. Nothing worthy of sharing.

I had a poem published in a college journal back in 1995. I can't remember the journal nor the poem. I think both burned up in my apartment fire later that year. Five years later, I wrote porn. Erotica. Smut. Whatever you want to call it. It was pretty good. I still have it. Had some published in Playgirl. Proud moments for me. I even used my skills to write catalog entries for plus-size lingere. I was paid in corsets. lol. Then the depression came. Then the medicine. Kind of lost my desire to write. I refocused my energy--librarain, mom, cat owner.

Recently, I wrote a scene. I don't if you can call it a short story. It's something. It can stand on its own or be expanded. I decided to share it. I like it. Sometimes I can't stand myself. Sometimes I think that the joy can't be happening to me. That's the inspiration of this little thing I called "The Meeting."



The Meeting

September 15, 2009 ©


As soon as he saw her, his body began to crush in on itself. His lungs tightened, his ribcage began to shrink around his organs, and his heart began to beat faster to free itself. He wanted her. Had to have her. So paralyzed by his body’s implosion was he, that he could not hardly move to greet her. Using all of his strength, he tilted his head and gave a lopsided and closed-move grin. Her eyes widened then her mouth gaped for a second and then closed. She lowered her eyes to the floor, and the fear of rejection burned in his belly.

            Look back up, he thought. I’m smiling at you, beautiful.


She saw him. She saw the smile aimed in her direction, and the only thing she could do was look down. He wasn’t smiling at her, she concluded. They, all of the hes, never smile at her. They smile over her, behind her, beside her but never at her. She brought her glass to her lips and sipped slowly, purposefully trying not to look at him again to quickly and be met with an apologetic head nod. She picked her head up and glanced at him. He smiled a little broader this time.

            Is he really flirting with me? She asked and then looked over her shoulder just in case.

            I am, his eyes seemed to respond. She smiled back, and parted her lips a bit. Finally, she twirled a lock of hair around her finger. The seduction had begun.

            Hi. His throat was dry, but he had hoped it had sounded dashing and raspy not cracking like a prepubescent boy.

            Hi. She liked the way her voice sounded when she spoke. She had been told that it was full bodied and inviting like her figure. However, most men never got past the figure.

            I’m Simon. He extended his hand.

            Jo. She extended her hand and Simon took it. He gave it a hardy shake before bring it to his mouth. His lips were warm and moist as it grazed across Jo’s knuckles. She shivered, and already declared that she was his.


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September 14, 2009
A Little Salt in Your Sugar
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: (500) Days of Summer
Topic: Movie Reviews




(500) Days of Summer is an irresistible and sweet movie directed by former music video director Marc Webb. It is common knowledge now that this anti-romantic comedy is actually based on a real woman. (She was the girlfriend the writer Scott Neustadter.) The movie starts with an intro that reads: “Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you, Jenny Beckman... Bitch,” which puts a small damper on one’s enjoyment of the movie. It reminds me of how women are insulted when they turn down a man’s advances. Instead of accepting the refusal quietly, they call her “skank” or a “whore.” Some even worse insults include shouting that her vagina smells. It’s a false bravado, which everyone recognizes yet the stares and the tsk tsking are aimed at the woman as though she deserved the haranguing. Although the viewer already goes into (500) knowing it is about the unraveling of a relationship, which is the fault of both parties, we are immediately biased against the woman.


With that said, I did enjoy (500) Days of Summer much more than I should have since it does have a subtle disgust of women and our secret, mysterious ways that men always complain about.  But it is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s portrayal of Tom, a charming and romantic emo twenty-something, which draws you into the movie and Tom’s pov. With the oversized projection of Gordon-Levitt’s face on the screen, you can’t help to fall into his inviting smile and playful eyes—he’s a nice guy who’s not a doormat. As you fall deeper in love with Tom, you wonder why the object of his affection ends up dumping him.




The casting is what really makes this movie. A too comedic of an actor or a too brooding of an actor would have alienated us from Tom’s pain and need for closure. Zooey Deschanel’s kooky prettiness lends an ethereal quality that fits perfectly Tom’s rhapsodizing and near worship of Summer. A more traditional beauty would have made Tom’s deep feelings for Summer seem shallow. The audience can understand somebody being head over heels in love with a curvy woman with come hither eyes like Eva Mendes, but such a fascination of a woman with such quirkiness allows the audience to accept that Tom loved her for more than what was on the outside.


(500) Days did have some faults. It was only 100 minutes long, but did seem to drag in some places. It lacks somewhat broad appeal for it’s cultural references are steeped somewhere between 1986 and 1991. Although this movie wasn’t written for women in mind, it was a little disappointing that Summer was such a 1-dimensional character.


Out of 5 stars, I give this movie 3 solid stars. (Also an extra half star for the cool soundtrack.)

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September 9, 2009
Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash - True Blue Spa - Bath & Body Works
Summer Touch Creamy Body Wash - True Blue Spa - Bath & Body Works

As a working mom, the only free time I have is the five to seven minutes I have in the shower. I prefer to use body washes over bar soap for body washes make something that is very perfunctory into something very luxurious feeling. I’m an equal opportunity body wash user, so whether it’s a $1 or $15, I love them.

I love True Blue Body Naked Summer Touch body wash. It’s a light, fresh scented wash perfect for the hot days of summers. The low foam is easy to rinse, which helps me save water and feel eco-friendly. I’d buy this again if I'm near a B&BW and feel like splurging.

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September 6, 2009
The Colors of the Rainbow on Your Nails
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Beauty Thoughts & Reviews

Moi had heard a lot about Zoya nail polish, especially when I was pregnant three years ago. Because it is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor, it is reported to be safe to use while pregnant. I doubted anything that was so free would have staying power like Zoya claims. Well, Zoya proved me wrong. 

Recently, I was able to get three free bottles of Zoya nail polish because of an awesome coupon code. I was excited. The first color I tried was Jinx, which is copper-penny brown metallic nail polish. (Zoya's website describes it as a "Deep red bronze with golden metallic shimmer.") Jinx is also one of it's more opaque polishes. With just 2 strokes, I covered my entire big toe nail. Only habit made me add a second coat, but it was very light. I didn't use a traditional top coat, but a sheer coral-orange-glittery Zoya shade called Gabrielle. It gave my pedicure an extra dose of sheen.

The smell of the polish wasn't as strong as other polishes, and dried a little bit quicker. I was expecting the color to chip in three days. It didn't matter if i wore open-toed or close-toed, the color didn't chip or rub off. As a matter of fact, after nearly 3 weeks, I got sick of looking at the color. lol. I'm kind of lazy, so I usually wait until my pedicure starts to look bad before I begin again. 

In these tough economic times, you want to get your money's worth with all your products. At normally $7 a bottle, Zoya is worth every penny invested in it. 

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